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TagPro is a multiplayer, team-based, free online capture the flag game.

Playing the GameEdit


Grab the other team's flag and bring it back to yours. Stop the other team from doing the same by popping any opponent with your flag. So simple, yet so fun!

It's like drunk capture the flag on a pool table!
the concept is elementary, but the strategy is university

Map ElementsEdit

There are certain elements of the map that will affect your ball in different ways. Some will even pop you.

Speed Pads
accelerate your ball to approximately 3 times the normal speed. Speed pads reactivate after 10 seconds.

pop you on contact.

Team Tiles give your team the benefit of heightened acceleration and max speed. You do not receive the bonuses if you are carrying the flag. You are not penalized for being in the other team's color. The bonuses stack with juke juice, speed boosts and bombs.


Gates come in 4 different colours. Grey gates allow either coloured ball to pass through. Green gates pop any ball that touches them. Team coloured gates (red or blue) will allow only those coloured balls to pass through, and will pop the other team balls on contact.

are used to control the colour of a nearby gate. When sitting on a switch, the gate will change colour to your team colour. When you move off the switch, the gate will revert to its normal colour (either grey or green). Gates can be controlled by more than one switch. If a gate has more than one switch and a red ball sits on one while a blue ball sits on the other, the gate will revert to the normal colour.

Bombs will explosively send any ball flying that's within its radius when either touched or triggered by a button. Once a bomb has been detonated, it will turn into ash until it respawns 30 seconds after detonation.  These bombs wont pop you, however, it may send you into the direction of a spike or an opponent.


Flags are the main tile in TagPro. Hitting your own flag (same colour as your ball) will do nothing, but hitting the opponent's flag will cause you to pick it up in order to bring it back to your own base. You're immune to tags for .25 seconds when you first pick up the flag.  This helps prevent defenders from sitting on the flag and allows you to "bump" them off of it.


Chat allows you to chat with other people in the game. This can be used to tell others good job (or 'gj'), good game (or 'gg'), my bad (or 'mb'), no problem (or 'np'), or just simply talk to other people. To enter chat, press enter. A chat box will now appear in the bottom left corner. To send your message, press enter again. This message will be sent to everyone. If you want to send a team specific message, press either 'T' or ' . This can be useful to let your team know where the enemy flag carrier is or if you're playing defense, for example. Team specific messages will appear in your team's color and are only visible to members of your team.

For those in a group, you can communicate to other group members (While in game) by pressing "g" then typing what it is you want them to recieve. All members in the group will receive this text as long as they are in game or in the lobby.


Current Rotation

The maps in the current rotation consist of Holy See, lold, Glory Hole, Koalabeast, Colors, Star, Vee, Boombox, 45, Bombing Run, Micro, and Shortcut.

||||||| |:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|

[]( | []( | []( | [![](%%koala%%)]( | []( | [![](%%star%%)](

[holy see]( | [lold]( | [gloryhole]( | [geokoala]( | [colors]( | [star](

[]( | [![](%%boombox%%)]( | [![](%%45%%)]( | [![](%%bombmap%%)]( | [![](%%micro%%)]( | [![](%%shortcut%%)](

[vee]( | [boombox]( | [45]( | [bombing run]( | [micro]( | [shortcut](

      1. Retired Maps

These maps have been taken out of rotation.

||||||| |:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|

[]( | []( | []( | []( | []( | [](

[rink]( | [figure-eight]( | [pokeball]( | [arena]( | [speedway]( | [dumbbell](

[![](%%spiders%%)]( |[![](%%hourglass%%)]([![](%%yiss32%%)](

[spiders]( |[hourglass]([yiss 3.2](

      1. Map Creation

    1. Groups

Groups allow you to play with one or more of your friends in each match you play. To create a group, return to the home page and click the button titled "Groups". While in there, you can either join a pre-existing group, or you can create your own. If you decide to create your own, you may title it however you'd like and choose to make it either public (anyone can see it from the group page) or private (your friends will need the url to join). You can have as many as 8 people in your group, but once you reach 5 people, you'll no longer play in public matches, but rather a match of your own. This allows you to choose which map you play, the time limit (1min-18min), and set the cap limit (or no cap limit). Remember, if you have less than 5 people in your group and your group is put into a public match, this doesn't mean you'll be on the same team as your friends. The game will evenly distribute players to make teams as even as possible.

      1. Group Chat

While in your group's page, you can use the chat box to talk to other people in your group. Even if they're in a game while you're waiting in the group page, they can see your chat. If you're in a game and want to chat with the people in the group page, simply press 'G'. All group messages will be displayed in yellow.

  1. Evaluating Your Game
    1. Scoring System

There are positive and negative actions that effect your score during the game. The list is as follows:

Positive | Description


Tags | When you pop your opponent

Grabs | When you grab the opponent flag

Returns | When you pop an opponent that has the flag, returning it

Captures | When you score for the team

Support | When carrying the flag, blocking for the flag carrier, or holding a button

Negative | Description


Popped | When you are popped or pop yourself

Drops | When you are popped while holding the flag

Each stat is worth a total of 100 points (-100 for negative stats) spread across all players. This means the points you get for any of the stats will change throughout the match depending on how other players are doing.

For example, let's say you get your 1st tag, which makes for 10 total tags across the board. You will start out with 10 points for that tag (100 pts ÷ 10 tags). However, if by the end of the game there have been 20 total tags across the board and you still only have 1 tag, your tag will only count for 5 points towards your score (100 pts ÷ 20 tags).

This formula is the same across all the stats, except for support. Support, as mentioned above, consists of three criteria: carrying the flag, blocking for the flag carrier, or holding a button. When carrying the flag, you're given a support point every 10 seconds. When holding a button, you're given a support point every 5 seconds. When you block for the flag carrier, you're given 2 points every 5 seconds.

The total point value for each stat are combined to create your total score.

    1. Rank Points

Your performance over several games is recorded in the form of rank points.  You can view your rank points on the leader boards. Remember, rank points currently do not combine between servers. If you score 300 rank points on Centra, they'll remain on Centra.

      1. Current Formula

We start with the average score based on a team of 4. If the Total Points for a team of 3 were 45, 30 and 10, the starting value would be 21 points.

  (45 + 30 + 10) / 4 = 21

The minimum amount of rank points per game is 5 points, so if the opponent team shuts your team out, you still earn some points.

Next, 10% of your personal score is factored in. The player with a score of 45 would earn 26 total rank points. Let's say you scored 45 points.

  21 + (45 * 0.1) = 26 (rounded up)

If your team won, 5 bonus points are added in.

  26 + 5 = 31

Next a time modifier is applied based on how long you have been in the game, not how long the game lasted. The modifier is based on 10 mins. So you are receiving full credit after 10 mins. Let's say that you were only in the game for 8 mins.

  (8 / 10) * 31 = 25 

A modifier is then applied based on the average number of opponents you faced off against during the match. This is averaged over the length of the match. The modifier is 1.0 for 4 players, 0.75 for 3 players, 0.50 for 2 players, 0.25 for 1 player and 0 for 0. Let's say even though you had 3 players on your team, you were facing off against only 2 players most of the match.

  31 * 0.5 = 16

Upon starting a match, if you're the only player in the map, or one of the only players in a match, a message in the chat location with alert you, letting you know that if you wait for more people to join, you'll be given more rank points. If you're alone, 15 rank points are added to your final rank points. If you're one of two players, 10 points will be rewarded. If you're one of three, 5 points will be rewarded. This gives players an incentive to wait around for more players to join. Let's say you were alone in the match.

  16 + 15 = 31

Finally, if an opponent quits in the middle of a match, you'll have the option to switch teams by pressing the 'esc' button on your keyboard and pressing 'Switch Teams'. This function helps to make teams even. You cannot switch if the other team is ahead in points. By switching, you're rewarded 5 rank points. Let's say you do switch.

  31 + 5 = 36 rank points

      1. Reset Time

The daily leader board is reset at 8pm UTC and the weekly leader board is reset at 8pm UTC on Sunday.

  1. Skills and Techniques

Take a look at *[Let's Talk Strategy, Tactics, and Moves](*, *[Show Begginer Hints Between Games](*, and *[Gameplay, Strategy, and Team Courtesy](* for some strategy and tactic discussion.

      1. Techniques

The following table will show different techniques to improve your skill set.

|  |  


| [Button Controlling]( | When alone in a base, sit beside a button, rather than on. You're more liable to trick the opposition into thinking no one has control of the gate. | [Boost Defense]( | When playing defense on a map, such as Glory Hole, a good tactic is to sit 3 tiles behind the flag. This allows the opposition to pick up the flag and use their 0.25 seconds of immunity before hitting you. [Another example]( | [Suicide Bombing]( | This tactic is best used in areas with lots of spikes. Essentially, you're popping yourself to send a mini shockwave to the opposition, causing them to lose control and run into a spike. This technique should be used as a last resort. | [Down Boost in Glory Hole]( | The downboost in Glory Hole is tricky, but can be done with the right know-how. Start by aligning yourself directly in the center of the row of tiles the speed boost is in. Once you've gone through the boost, immediately press up to slow yourself down. Right as you approach the 2-spike area, start turning into its direction (left if following the gif). Finally, if you haven't come to a complete stop, use the small wall at the bottom as a safety zone. | [Side Boost in Holy See]( |  | [Middle Boost in Holy See]( |  | [Side Boost in Lol'd]( |  

^^.gif ^^credit ^^to ^^dorkus ^^((/u/sukrolam)^)

  1. Major League TagPro

More information about Major League TagPro (MLTP) can be found within [this wiki](

  1. Modding the Game
    1. Themes

You can change the appearance of TagPro by using a custom tiles.png.  To modify the [tiles.png]( file, you can use your favorite image editor.  Alternatively, FramesPerSushi (/u/FramesPerSushi) has created a [Mod Maker]( for TagPro. You can read more about it in this [thread](

Once you have a created custom tiles.png, you have a few options to make TagPro use it.  Choose one:

  • Use developer tools to modify the source of the tiles element directly.  This is very tedious if you plan on using the custom tiles every time you play.  

      1. Custom Themes Made by Users

|Creator | Theme |  |


|Oobio (/u/drtasty) | Minecraft | [Direct Link]( / [Reddit Thread]( |pooppants (/u/thevdude) | Terminal | [Direct Link]( / [Optional Speedpad Link]( / [Reddit Thread]( |cat (/u/no_sissies_allowed) | cat's revision to Terminal | [Direct Link]( |BATMAN (/u/jaydid) | BATMAN | [Direct Link (Red/Blue)]( / [Direct Link (Yellow/Purple)]( / [Reddit Thread]( |BATMAN (/u/jaydid) | Superman | [Direct Link]( |Forgehe (/u/restam111) | America vs Britain | [Direct Link]( / [Reddit Thread]( |8Ball (/u/pixelement) | GemPro | [Direct Link]( / [Reddit Thread]( |steppin (/u/contact_lens_linux) | Tron | [Direct Link]( / [Reddit Thread]( |Watball (/u/Watball) | Minimal Outline | [Direct Link]( / [Optional Speedpad Link]( / [Optional Invisible Splats Link]( / [Reddit Thread]( |cat (/u/no_sissies_allowed) | Transparent Splats | [Splats Link]( |cat (/u/no_sissies_allowed) | CATS | [Tiles Link]( / [Splats Link]( / [Reddit Thread](

cat (/u/no_sissies_allowed) | Invisiball | [Tiles Link](

cat (/u/no_sissies_allowed) | PacMan | [Tiles Link]( / [Flairs become Ms. PacMan ribbons](

    1. Userscripts

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